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A Message from the President

Dear Class of 2018,

Congratulations! Your hard work has brought you to this new beginning. Your Caltech education has prepared you to conceptualize solutions to any problem, quantitatively define parameters, and ask the most important questions. Caltech's influence on the world is most powerfully expressed through our graduates, and we are excited by the contributions that you will make to creating knowledge and improving the human condition. We join your parents and siblings, family and friends, faculty, and classmates in celebrating the work and dedication it has taken to reach this day.

Commencement, on June 15, will recognize formally your transition to a new stage in your lives. It also marks a new relationship with your alma mater. Your next steps, whether further studies or a professional career or traveling the world, will be shaped by your experiences at Caltech. Similarly, your accomplishments will shape Caltech's legacy.

We are grateful for your contributions to the Institute and look forward to your continued engagement as our newest alumni. May you have a lifetime of fulfilling adventures.

Thomas F. Rosenbaum